Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Old vs Young what is the meaning of thug.

From a class-fellow:
What does it mean to be a thug today? I think there is a generational gap when it comes to the word "thug". The older generation (30 years old and up) associate the word with violence and brutality. The younger generation (under 30) associate the word with slang and the hip-hop culture that is prevalent in our society. The word differs in meaning depending on the speaker. What do you think???
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Corinne said...

According to Blair's description in the article, they're drinkers and not "respectable citizens".

For me, as one of the under-30 set, I find the term thug as an directionless, violent youth. The violence they partake in, in my mind, is without meaning. Just bored youth with nothing better to do.

Communities with alternatives for thugs, ones that don't treat the symptoms but rather the problem, tend to have less.

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