Friday, June 03, 2005

Soundtrack for our Course

If a yob could do new-beats/hiphop/garage music, listenable for rock fans, that gave a cohesive literary-level narrative to New Labour laddism, his name would be Mike Skinner, his nom-de-rap would be The Streets, he would have been born and raised in Brum and would live now in Brixton (Brixton!), Kristna L. would have turned me on to it at our first lecture, he would have called this concept-album epitome a grand don't come for free, and I would have ordered it for our Media Collection, and it would be available for you to sign-out & listen to.

And it is so.


K. Larson said...

Although prof. Ogden has already summed up nicely why everyone should go listen to this, I though I would add my two bits anyway. For anyone who has only heard the single, "fit, but don't you know it", I assure you that the rest of the album, when listened to in succession, because it is a rock -opera, is much more poignant.My fav has to be track one "it was suppose to be so easy", where our lad reveals that just by leaving the house, he is worse off, and has already lost out. This feeling of being trapped, of being screwed before you even beging flows through most books in the course after Stalky: from Pinkie, to Alex, to Gregory, to Terry to Rob.

emily said...

This is somewhat tangential, but this focus on British working class reminded me of this Big Train sketch: