Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Comments from the "High Fidelity" Post ...

Groan. The "comments" section of the previous "High Fidelity" post has been spammed, so I deleted it.
I've pasted the real comments here:

After viewing "The Browning Version" 2 other films that I would recommend that wondefully portray 'thug-ish' lads for either your ENGL 342 or 369 class are Guy Ritchie's "Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels" or to a lesser degree "Snatch." Although both films are clique in the character representations I think the films are lush with extreme cads. (& it's British)
8:37 PM
Dr. S.A. Ogden said...
Dear Felix: well noted. Ritchie's L.S.& 2SB is pretty much the theme movie for contemporary British lad culture. We'll look at sections from a couple or three other movies during lecture throughout the term that embellish the understanding of the fiction. It is worth us watching "The Browning Version" during lecture because it is important to get as full an understanding of the foundational text (Stalky & Co.) as possible, and the culture is so well removed from us that the visual dramatic embellishment is warranted.
10:59 PM
Dr. S.A. Ogden said...
PS:Doubly (at least) so, because it stars Psycho - Stuart Pearce - the yobbo's yobbo who played for England!
3:11 AM
Anonymous said...
I have to admit that my decision to register in English 342, theoretically the last class of my illustrious undergraduate degree, was largely prompted by the fact that High Fidelity was on the reading list. As I recently found out, this book speaks for an entire generation of young men. I went through a period where I was dating quite a bit. One of the standard topics that usually comes up, at least I hope it does for all you English majors, is favourite books. Every single guy I dated mentioned High Fidelity. Now, I am more than willing to admit that in all likelihood I attract/am attracted to a certain type of guy but still the popularity of this book shocked me. I decided I had to read it. I did and I enjoyed it, although probably not as much as the guys who read it. (Incidentally, I love the fact that the jacket blurb reads "keep this book away from your girlfriend-it contains too many of your secrets to let it fall into the wrong hands". Apparently, in reading it, I've stumbled across "enemy" secrets). After reading it I also realized that guys have secretly been quoting to me from this book for ages. Have you ever been asked to make a ridiculous top five list? (Here's a little secret for the guys, getting to know a girl's interests=good, asking her to make them into five point a list+not so good). Anyway, I look forward to analyzing this book in class because I can't wait to get ahold of all the enemy's secrets. Ha ha. Ok, that was an incredibly long ramble but, that is my style and that

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