Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dangerous Bodies / Dangerous Words?

A classfellow commented during seminar Monday that, in regard to Margaret Atwood's assertion that "men's bodies are the most dangerous things on Earth," she had read of Atwood asking the women in a group what they feared most from men and receiving the majority replay "physical violence," and of asking the men what they feared most from women and receiving the reply "humiliation."
Here is Camille Paglia:
"Masculine identity is embattled and fragile. In the absence of opportunity for heroic phsyical action, as in the modern office world, women's goodwill is crutial for preserving the male ego ... ["No Law in the Arena: A Pagan Theory of Sexuality" Vamps & Tramps (Vintage: New York 1994) 19-94.]


Felix The Cat said...

I would say that Atwood's quotation and the excerpt fit the mold of the topic that was brought up in ENGL 369 following the Chick-lit presentation, that such chick-lit and in this course lad-lit orks are a means of escapism, for women to be brash and men to feel.

maggie said...

Are men afraid of other men's "dangerous" bodies?

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